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“I have been involved with EWI since 2006. I’ve been able to serve on various committees, including, hospitality, golf outing, and communications; as well as serving on the ASIST scholarship chair in 2016, on the Board as ASIST Director in 2011 and Program Director in 2017. I value and appreciate all of the relationships I’ve formed within EWI.”   ~Rachel

“I would recommend EWI to someone who is interested in professional development and community engagement. By being an active member of EWI and serving on committees, you can learn new and useful skills if you are willing to venture outside of your comfort zone. You also have plenty of opportunities to give back to your community and discover new ways to help out your local community. Best of all, you make wonderful connections through the networking opportunities available through membership in EWI.” ~Anonymous

“EWI is an amazing group of women! I am so glad to have the opportunity to be a member of this organization.”  ~Becky

“I have been a member of EWI since 2000. My involvement has allowed me to serve as EWISP Director, Philanthropy Director and the Milwaukee Chapter President in 2006 and 2011.  I have served on various committees including Scholarship Ad Hoc Committee Chair, Past President’s Council and Investment committee.  I have also been a Membership Advisor for the Minneapolis, Indianapolis and Kentuckiana Chapters.”  ~Rocky

“So many talented women who work together to make not only the organization better but help other member firms give back while having their members get a wealth of knowledge and the opportunity to grow and also give back.” ~Anonymous