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The EWI experience is based around our three core values:

Connections, Careers, and Community.

The value to each of our member firms and representatives is as diverse as our members themselves.

Regardless of each employee’s personal or professional goals, EWI offers a full spectrum of opportunities to build stronger skills, relationships, communities, and businesses.

Individuals and Businesses Thrive Through Connections, Careers and Community!!!

To receive additional information about membership in our dynamic professional organization, please contact us.

TOGETHER WE WILL . . . . . .

  • Thrive by providing an opportunity for professional women/men to work together for the benefit of the firm’s they represent through their personal association and exchange of information with the Chapter’s member firms.
  • Thrive by providing a meeting ground for business and professional women who share common goals of leadership in their firms, the business community and throughout EWI’s international organization.
  • Thrive by providing opportunities for personal growth and development of leadership skills through participation in the Chapter’s activities and by taking an active role on the Chapter and corporate board of directors.
  • Thrive by providing continuing education and opportunities for professional growth through seminars, guest speakers and workshops, thereby enhancing their effectiveness to their firms.
  • Thrive by providing access to a network of mutual assistance from more than 2,000+ diversified firms who hold membership in EWI.
  • Thrive by providing the opportunity to contribute to the welfare of the community through involvement in the Chapter’s civic, philanthropic and scholarship programs.

EWI membership is by invitation only and consists of a variety of companies within the business community. The firm holds the membership and appoints a key individual as a representative.

If you would like more information about the Milwaukee Chapter membership process, please contact us.

Membership Criteria:

  • EWI members consist of employed business professionals at all levels of business.
  • Membership is available to business firms. A firm may have up to three representatives.
  • EWI dues are annually assessed and are comprised of both national and local Chapter dues.
  • Dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes. Approximately 6% of the membership dues are non-deductible as a business expense (see the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993).

How to Join:

  • Members join at the Chapter and Corporate level simultaneously.
  • To join EWI contact us.
  • To receive additional information about membership in our dynamic professional organization, please contact us.

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