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EWI Corporate

Literacy Initiative

EWI is committed to the international promotion of literacy, which has been the focus of EWI’s philanthropy projects since 1992. EWI members dedicate their time and talents to a variety of philanthropy projects to increase literacy awareness among both children and adults. EWI Chapters across North America have enlisted the aid of corporations, writers, teachers, and many others to promote reading and writing opportunities to children. Projects vary from Chapter to Chapter but all with the same goal, to make a lasting and positive impact in our communities.

Reading Rallies

Reading Rally events are one of the ways EWI promotes literacy in the community. Throughout the years, these events have enriched lives by gaining knowledge, meeting a diverse group of people, and making a difference in today’s youth across the nation. It has made a difference for more than 17,000 children across the country.

Little Free Libraries

Little Free Library is a proven grassroots social enterprise model that provides greater access to books for all ages through its growing network of mini libraries. Little Free Libraries are designed, decorated and cared for by local volunteers. Chapters interested in participating in the Little Free Library program should visit for full details.

EWI of Milwaukee 

Each year, the Philanthropy Committee of EWI of Milwaukee takes on a literacy program.  This program is a collection of books, pencils, funds and more for tutoring.

  • In 2015 this was accomplished with our outreach to Milwaukee Achiever Literary Services.
  • In 2016 this was accomplished with our outreach to NextDoor.