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EWI proudly offers two scholarship programs EWISP and ASIST . . . .

. . . . to help qualified applicants achieve their academic goals. EWI Chapters participating in these programs develop their own criteria regarding deadlines, areas of limitation, eligible schools, and partner agencies.

Applicants must first apply through local Chapters before being eligible for any EWI Corporate Awards within these programs. Please contact us to learn about scholarship offerings.

Executive Women International Scholarship Program

EWISP is an annual, competition-based program which awards more than $200,000 in college scholarship money each year to qualifying high school seniors. Students are nominated by their schools to participate in the scholarship competition. Judges select winning students based on their scholastic achievement, leadership qualities, good citizenship and extra-curricular activities.

High school seniors first apply for EWISP and then compete at the local Chapter level where award levels vary. Chapter level winners are submitted to the Corporate level for a chance to win one of multiple scholarships. Scholarship Awards range between $1,000 and $5,000. EWI of Milwaukee offers this scholarship every other year.

Applications closed. The EWISP Scholarship will be offered again in early 2017.

Adult Students in Scholastic Transition

ASIST scholarship is available to adults facing economic, social, or physical challenges, who are looking to improve their situation through educational opportunities. Local Chapters partner with educational providers and social services agencies to identify potential candidates. Students first apply and compete at the local Chapter level. Chapter-level winners are submitted to the Corporate level for the opportunity to be selected for one of 13 scholarships ranging from $2,000 to $10,000.

Each year, EWI of Milwaukee takes part in one scholarship; either EWISP and ASIST.  The scholarship programs are funded by EWI of Milwaukee through various events including a golf outing, auction, raffles and annual Christmas Shopping bus trip to Chicago.

Applications closed. The ASIST Scholarship will be offered again in early 2018.