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Return On Investment – Connections:

  • Network your business
  • Build strong relationships
  • Increase contacts locally
  • Increase contacts throughout North America
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Public relations for your firm 

Return On Investment – Careers:

  • Monthly programs, chapter meetings, webinars
  • Spring Conference
  • Leadership Conference and Annual Meeting
  • Academy of Leadership modules
  • Hands on learning
  • Committee experience
  • Board experience

Return On Investment – Community:

  • Local Philanthropic efforts
  • Focus on literacy
  • Local Scholarship programs
  • National Scholarship programs
  • Recognition locally & through Corporate projects


EWI believes that the word “Connections” means more than just a professional network. We believe that connecting is about the dynamic evolving relationship linking our Chapters, our administrative team, our members and the larger communities we live and work in.

Through EWI, we strive to add real value to those relationships: through the business contacts we make, nurture and sustain and the work we do to better our world.

Our annual conferences, frequent career workshops, and ongoing community service programs are all powerful means to develop connections that will extend the reach of EWI far into the future.

We are proud that EWI fosters a sense of connection that member firms and representatives tell us is unique in a professional organization. We often hear that feeling a part of the organization is one of the most valuable benefits of their affiliation with EWI.

Wouldn’t you like to share that connection?


EWI enhances the careers of our members by providing constant opportunities to build relationships and hone professional skills. Being the representative of a member firm in EWI means constantly interacting with some of the top members of the sharpest firms in North America.

The added benefit of spring and annual conferences, webinars, and regular career workshops put on at the local and corporate level means that representatives receive ready, relevant career training, and exposure. Each career workshop and webinar focuses on essential leadership, communication, and professional skills.


EWI is a professional organization that recognizes the importance of giving back to the community. We support education and literacy initiatives, with many of our Chapters also giving back to their local communities with various philanthropic endeavors.

EWI helps individuals within the community realize their potential by empowering them with the skills necessary to improve their lives and professional opportunities.

EWI realizes education opens the door to opportunity. EWI on a National level funds and awards hundreds of scholarships each year to support students and invest in their futures both in the USA and Canada.