Adult Students in Scholastic Transition Program (ASIST)

The Adult Students in Scholastic Transition (ASIST) scholarship program provides financial support to adult students at transitional points in their lives. The scholarship is a non-discriminatory, educational scholarship for the benefit of non-traditional students. These include persons who are past high school age and who are entering a college, university or trade school and/or workforce for the first time; non-traditional students already enrolled in a college/university or trade program, are re-training due to changes in the workplace, or who otherwise are not the traditional college or trade school student, recently finished with high school.

EWI of Milwaukee will host its annual ASIST Scholarship Awards Dinner at the Crowne Plaza Milwaukee West, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, on May 7, 2013 when we will award three scholarships of $3,000, $2,000, and $1,000 to first, second and third place finalists respectively.

Congratulations to our 2013 ASIST Scholarship winners!

  • 3rd place $1000 – Princess High, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • 2nd place $2000 – Christopher Garrison, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • 1st place $300 – Natalie Jimenez, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Also a huge, extra Congratulations to Natalie Jimenz, 1st Place winner for the EWI of Milwaukee Chapter and also a CORPORATE $2,000 Scholarship Winner!

EWI of Milwaukee ASIST-Winner-Natalie-Jiminez

Natalie is a dedicated student and devoted to her daughter, Violet. She maintains a 3.5 point average while attending college, working and raising her young daughter. She is expecting to graduate in May of 2014 with a major in Social Work and certificates in Latin American Studies and Childhood and Adolescent Studies.

Natalie was selected to be a participant of the Life Impact Program through the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. This Program provides support services to student parents in the areas of academic, personal and professional guidance, tutoring and referrals. You must demonstrate a high level of criteria in order to participate which she does quite well.

Natalie is also a volunteer at the nursery ministry of Oak Creek Assembly of God Church where she is a real asset to the church and one way she can “give back.”

Having grown up in poverty and exposed to racism, Natalie strives to improve her life and does the very best she can to make that happen. Her goal to be the first in her family to walk across that stage next May and receive her diploma is extremely important to her. She said it best when she wrote, “I want to be an example for not only my family but also other first generation college students and parents in general, that having children does not end your education but can help motivate you to strive and receive a better education.” That statement demonstrates her wonderful desire to help others as a great role model.

Her eyes have been opened to the discrimination and exploitation of immigrants through her relationship with her fiancé as he is from an impoverished area of Guatemala. This has given her renewed energy to become “the voice of the voiceless” as she puts it by focusing on immigration social work. With a minor in Spanish she hopes to help eliminate the language barrier to bring communities together.

Scholarship applications and deadlines for 2014 will be available soon. Please check this website and with your educational institution for an application and deadline for submission.